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BIG NEWS!!! Redevelopment Agencies are Abolished!!!
“The redevelopment agencies are dead!”, state Assemblyman Chris Norby said Wednesday; the date the agencies officially ceased to exist.              OC Register 2/2/2012
Historic Main Street is the site of the Friday Night Car show and many other community events, induding the International Certified Farmers’ Market. It was the location for the city’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2006, and continues to connect us to Garden Grove’s heritage, dating back to 1874.Recently, our mayor and members of City Council voted to demolish the Main Street parking lot serving the merchants and businesses of Historic Main Street. Years ago, the council gave the lot behind the East side of Main Street to the newly constructed college extension campuses built on Euclid. Now they have voted to take the remaining lot, behind the west side of Main Street, and allow a developer to use the land to build a 5-Story, 100-Unit Condominium complex.

This action was taken against the wishes of the business community, property owners, and citizens of Garden Grove. During the council meeting, the public spoke OVERWHELMINGLY against this proposed project. All felt that loss of parking would not only cause existing businesses to close down or move away, but would also discourage new business from investing in this historic area.

For reasons unknown, our council chose to side with a campaign contributor that owns a major Newport Beach-based public relations corporation.

Now is the time to let our council know that we, the people, will not let powerful, well-funded out-of-town corporations rob us of our heritage.The charm and history of Main Street must be preserved!

What is being done?

Recently, the Garden Grove Downtown Business Association filed a lawsuit to try and block this proposed development. This was done as a last resort. The Association, made up of business people, property owners and concerned citizens, tried to negotiate for a more modest development that would leave adequate parking. Our pleas were not even considered. We have retained a renowned attorney known for his success in battling cities in eminent domain issues. But legal costs are not cheap. And the city and the developer, both with deep pockets, feel they only need to hold on until the GGBDA goes broke.

How can I help?

Contribute to SAVE HISTORIC MAIN STREET. Your tax deductible check to SAVE HISTORIC MAIN STREET for $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or more will send a message to our council that they should listen to the will of the people. You may also donate anonymously at the Bank of the West on Main: "GGDBA Legal Defense Fund"

If you have time available, inquire about an associate membership in the Garden Grove Downtown Business Association. Please, tell your neighbors about the threat to Downtown Main Street.

Send your contributions and letters to:
Save Historic Main Street
12866 Main Street #100
Garden Grove, Ca. 92840