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Letter to the Editor
From the Garden Grove Journal February 14, 2008
Dear Editor:
Some politicians will never learn that the voter put them where they are in order to support the needs and wishes of the residents. Proposition 93 should have given them a clue.
Even though I personally oppose Term limits because we can always get rid of the undesirable elements in local government, developers and deep pockets buy their way into our local affairs and fragment a community that has all the makings of a great place to live, raise children and work.
There are plenty of examples of exploiting local property just to make a buck (i.e the southwest corner of Euclid and Woodward Lane) that the Sheldon Group purchased to just turn it over and have some developer create a corner while pocketing a profit that only provided the residents with an ugly, nonfunctional entry to one of Garden Grove's prime neighborhoods.
Let's look at the Main Street project-- it stinks and I agree with Mike Silva's article of last week. Let's stop tearing our community apart and let us develop a well planned city of the future.
Harry J. Krebs
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